By Shah Asad Rizvi

Her She Lady is a collection of 100 poems that pay tribute and give testimony to the magnificence of women.Beginning and ending with poems that highlight a mother's virtues, Shah Asad Rizvi has created a timeless collection of poems that carefully lays out the countless priceless qualities and merits of womanhood for every eye to see and every soul to embrace.
Each poem envelopes a theme of empowerment or pays homage to her, she, the lady. From lines that are as beautiful and delicate as the constantly flowing theme of feminity to the bold and powerful declarations of a woman's strength, determination, and resolve, Shah paints a portrait of the neverending virtues of a woman. One after another, the reader is washed in Shah's obvious admiration and love that has guided his soul to create this homage to all womankind..

Her She Lady reads like a master's thesis on womanhood that has been written by someone who has spent a lifetime admiring and appreciating the complexity, richness, and beauty of women. Although a bold and unapologetic testament, Shah writes from a respectable distance as if he were an honored guest at the dinner table of all women. He is kind, polite, courteous, and humble, yet his words tell the reader that he would never give up his seat as he fully appreciates and understands the magnificent and beauty of the company around him.

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