By Shah Asad Rizvi

The Book of Love by author Shah Asad Rizvi is a collection of 100 beautiful written poems that focus on love in all its many stages and manifestations. With each poetic offering, Shah skillfully captures the ecstasies, heartaches, and mysteries of the enduring spirit of love.
The collection as a whole is deeply inspiring, and it delivers a fresh new intensity to the world's timeless and most sought after state of being. From his elegant recounting of true love to the longing of a lover alone,
Shah is a master at delivering the reader a full range and wholeness of what it means to experience true love. With each page, he immerses the reader deeper and deeper and allows them to explore all the diverse realms of love: from the awe-inspiring moments of new love to the despair of the broken-hearted.
The Book of Love is surely a roadmap for the many beautiful and splendid areas of the heart.

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