Shah Asad

one, two, three, four, the countdown has begun
young and bold, grab hold and lose control
i am the spark, come, light me up like a flame
time is less, moments are restless, undress the stress
will you be so kind and unwind the mood
whisper to me a lullaby of intimacy, delicate
raw passion is the surname of our individuality
our chemistry, a to z, is synonymous with sensuality

when is felt the kiss and caress of your lips
like a fireball heats up a moment ready to explode
lost in the storm, me as the rain, and you are the thunder
we represent sinners, wearing attire of halos

all through our bodies, a feeling that is naughty
let’s get a bit excited, please tell nobody
we are lovers, don’t preach to us about boundaries
we exceed, as we please, the rules of society
— Shah Asad Rizvi

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Shah Asad