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Shah Asad Rizvi is an author and philanthropist residing in Dubai. Born in 1985 in Karachi Pakistan, Shah grew up in Tokyo and has traveled all his life extensively. Possessing a natural gift for writing, Shah lends his ability to create beautifully crafted poetry that is recognized for its deep and thoughtful lyrics as well as its honest portrayal of life and emotion.

Shah often writes on a sliding scale as some of his works appear to capture a memory and others a dream, but no matter the inspiration, there is never a loss for connection with the reader. Having authored numerous books and poetry collections, it may surprise his readers to learn that Shah only recently discovered his talent for capturing life's greatest aspects in written form.
A man with a humble heart and spirit, Shah's writing often pays homage to his profound respect and admiration for the strength and devotion of women. Also acknowledging the struggle of women in societies throughout history, he hopes that his books and poetry collections both inspire and empower women in the moments of daily living and throughout their worldly journey.


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Shah Asad