The Phases of Love

By Shah Asad Rizvi

The Phases of Love is a unique and sublime collection of poems by Shah Asad Rizvi. Dedicated to love in its entirety, Shah weaves and outlines the heart's journey that is at the very soul of all humanity. Shah's collection of poetry reads like a roadmap of the heart and soul from the splendor and magic of new love to heartache and broken-heartedness to healing and growth.

Divided into four stages, this rare and exceptional collection of verse contains 200 poems that pay homage to the heart’s truest emotion like no other collection before it has. Be prepared to have your heart touched, and soul laid bare as you are consumed by the words and the turning of the pages. You will be reminded of the excitement of new love in all its glory and magnificence. Feel the closeness and completeness of bonding, the suffering and anguish of hurting, and the sunlight and acceptance of healing. From the first poem to the last, Shah reserves no emotion as he delivers a truly exceptional analysis of all that is love.

The most remarkable aspect of this collection is that The Phases of Love allows the reader to travel next to Shah as he takes you with him through each section of the heart’s journey. It is as though Shah has welcomed you into his homeland and offered you a tour that only a true native can provide. His perceptions and understanding of love are born from a genuine poet’s heart and from one who has loved as fully and completely as one human can.

Shah's insights on hurt and healing are especially powerful. The reader is offered a first-hand account and portrayal of what it is to love entirely and nonetheless have a heart shattered and rejected. Still, despite the sorrow that runs deep in these sections, the true triumphant is the healing that Shah promises the reader. So delicately, his words wrap around the reader's heart and pull back the curtain of despair to reveal the coming sunlight of a new day and new love. Bringing the reader full circle, Shah closes The Phases of Loves on a crescendo that will dwell in the reader’s mind, heart, and soul long after the book has been closed.

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