By Shah Asad Rizvi

In the Book of Dance – Stories of Souls in Motion, author Shah Asad Rizvi reminds us that we are all masters of movement when we follow the beat of our heart. A collection of 150 poems and quotes on the beauty and magnificence of dance, Shah takes the reader on a journey into the perpetual and boundless world of dance. His masterful weaving together of words not only touches the soul, but also places a spotlight on the significance and impact that dance has had on humanity throughout the ages.
One of the most consistent and enduring characteristics of Shah’s writing is his keen ability to connect with a broad range of readers. The Book of Dance is no exception and might be the crown jewel in this collection. As Shah’s eighth literary offering, the Book of Dance delves deep into the soul’s connection to dance as a means of expression and communication. From the dances we perform alone to those expressed when held tightly to the hands of others, Shah tells us that “sometimes the choreography of life makes us fall down only to teach us to rise once again.” This theme of perseverance and human endurance is carried through the pages of this collection. Given the global conditions at the time of publication, these words are a much-needed and beautiful homage to the fortitude of humanity in times of great pain and adversity.

Throughout the volume, the reader is also delighted by the stunning visual representation of the art of dance. Even though Shah has a splendid ability to paint glorious mental images with his words alone, the added bold visualizations provide even more wonder to the writing. Each colorful depiction of souls in motion aids in transporting the reader to a world where the art of dance gives perfect expression to all the most meaningful moments of life.

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