Broken Pieces

By Shah Asad Rizvi

Broken Pieces – Tales of Heartbreak takes the reader on a deep, beautiful, and reflective journey to love’s other side. With his collection of one hundred sublimely written poems, Shah Asad Rizvi captures the full spectrum of love lost with words that will both resonate with and haunt the reader’s soul.
A truthful and poignant telling, Shah does not shy away from the pain nor causes of broken hardnesses. Broken Pieces is akin to a master’s thesis on all the ways that a heart can hurt after love has departed. From the ill actions that bring us to such a hurtful place to the heart’s every willing desire to love again even though held back by our painful misgivings, the reader will find themselves again and again in the pages of Broken Pieces.

Even with such complicated and painful subject matter, Shah has a startling and astonishing way of wrapping the reader up in the pages of his books. Broken Pieces is no exception. Perhaps even a cathartic and feeling journey for some, this exquisite poetry collection invites the reader to a tour of heartbreak. However, as only he can do, Shah subtly reminds us that even the heart's pain and suffering is a beautiful experience. To know such sorrow, we must first have known unimaginable love. By acknowledging the path of broken heartedness, Shah's compelling words will have even those with a jaded and rejected heart, wondering if new love is possible.

Simply stated, Broken Pieces is a poetry collection that will show you the triumph of love in the shattered and Broken Pieces of a broken heart.

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